Most Popular Products from Comfort Casters

Comfort Casters Global is a leading caster wheels manufacturer in usa with more than 1000 varieties of caster wheels but any we are coming out with new & innovative products every month. But there are few legacy casters which our customers never want us to change as they have survived tough conditions day in day out and our customers are super happy in using them.

So today we bring out to you our top 5 products, some of which have been in production for more than 15 years. We are proud of all our products but these 5 products deserve a special mention as customers have repeatedly rated them as best in class. Over the years, we have not changed much in these products except from improving on their aesthetics. I am sure you will also find these products ideal for your application once you read more about them. So, here is the list of our 5 best caster wheels:

    1. 50 mm Chair Caster:

The humble chair caster used in office and home chairs is our first product which has been in production since more than 2 decades and changed little in form.  Comfort Casters has achieved BIFMA certification for this caster, as it is an essential requirement to work with global chair manufacturers. Chair casters are manufactured in both PP and Nylon-6 offering varying durability. Our chair caster has passed all type of tests like run test, impact test, drop test etc with flying colors. This caster also comes with a brake option and comes with other variants as well like top plate, threadpin and u-plate.

    1. 50 x 25 PU Caster:

This is a popular light duty caster used in many applications like furniture, kitchen, hospitals, small trolleys etc. It can support a load of upto 150 kg and comes with plain bearing. Chrome surface finish further enhances the aesthetics of the caster. It is priced very competitive and thus becomes a value for price product for customers. In some markets, this product of ours has become synonymous with the range “light duty casters” and we are ofcourse proud of this fact.

    1. 150 x 50 Fabricated PU Caster:

This is a standard heavy duty PU castor which runs is suited best for factory operations. It is easy to use & install and priced very competitively. This is standard American caster serving the industry since decades.

    1. 200 x 50 Scaffolding Caster

Our Ball Stem Scaffolding caster is one of the best performing caster for this industry and comes with various stem sizes. This can support upto a load of 800 kg for premium range and 600 kg for economy range. Comfort caster also holds the BS EN 1004 standard certificate for this product. We produce even bigger number everyday for this niche caster.

    1. 200 x 50 Forgemaster Caster:

The forgemaster caster, as the name says, comes with a forged top plate and ring with  a double row of steel balls together to make a kingpinless caster. This is the most durable caster and comes with a one year warranty. The forgemaster caster coupled with ergonomic wheel makes it a perfect fit for automotive industry where reduction in push/pull effort is a major goal.

The above 5 products have been the backbone of our caster wheel manufacturing range and loved the most by our customers. If you want to more about the above casters or want to examine free samples, please write to us at and someone from our team will get in touch with you.