How to Order Customized Casters with Comfort Casters?

Product range of comfort casters comprise of more than 1000 products which adhere to international standards. This means that all plate sizes, load capacity, threadpin or stem dimensions, wheel dimensions, material specifications etc are in line with ISO or BS EN standards. We test every new product on these standards before launching them in the international market.

However, the world of caster wheels is very large and different types of customer needs different fitments according to their needs. A standard caster does not fit their requirement sometimes due to dimensions, other due to material specification or size.

For example, all our scaffolding manufacturing clients require different stem diameter, thus we make custom stem for each customer. Similarly, most automotive companies require top plate dimensions matching their trolley holes so that wheels can be replaced. In some special cases, even the brake design has to be changed so that it is easy to apply. This happened with one of our customers who manufactures waste bins and required a dead stop brake so that brake lever always stays outside the equipment even when the caster wheel rotates.

Comfort Casters has learnt from all these experiences that if you need a customer for the long term, you need to match their requirements and thus modify the caster wheel according to their needs. Thus, over time we have developed a state of the art in house tool room which can do any kind of customization in record time.

If you also require any such customization there are 4 easy ways to do it:

  1. Product Drawings

The best way to share your requirement is to send us a drawings or 3d file of your design or final product fitment. Our engineers will study it thoroughly & offer you the exact fitment along with showing you a product fitment simulation for your reference.

  1. Physical Part

The second best way is to share the physical part into which the caster wheel will be fitted. We will ourselves make a drawing of your part and design the caster fitment accordingly. The final sample will be fitted and checked in your sample before sending you for approval.

  1. Share existing sample

Another way to share your requirement is to send us your existing caster wheel which you have been using. It may be from some other manufacturer and thus we can suggest you the best possible product matching or better than your existing product. The final product will perfectly match your fitment.

  1. Share a video

If it is not possible for you to take the above actions, another easy way for you is to share a video of your exact requirements. This video can be helpful for our team to understand your requirement better. However,