How to Figure out the Lifetime of your Caster Wheel

Caster Wheels are used in mostly all the industries in USA in various applications but few people are aware of the life of the caster wheels they are using. Shopfloor managers seldom bother to look into this aspect before making a purchase for caster wheels.

Life time of a caster is important as it impacts the overall budget of an organization, just to share an example, the annual caster wheel budget when calculated for a leading automotive company in Detroit was found to be about USD 700,000 !!

Thus, caster wheel expense should not be ignored and to reduce this expense, its important the right caster is chosen with a long life. A right caster will not only save an organization millions in the future to come but also increase the efficiency of its workers and prevent accidents which indirectly also results in saving money.

There are certain factors, which should be considered before buying the casters, which impact the lifetime of a caster wheel:

  1. Load Capacity

Load capacity is one of the most important factor which determines the life of a caster. As comfort casters always advocated to its customers, choose a caster with at least 25% more (preferably 33%) load capacity than your requirement and you will never have to worry about caster wheel failure. Overloading and caster wheel abuse damages the caster and need replacements every 3-4 months. A slightly heavy duty caster for your application not only gives you durability but also runs smoothly reducing push pull effort and increasing worker efficiency.

  1. Wheel Diameter

The diameter of a wheel is inversely proportion to the push/pull effort required to maneuver a trolley. Bigger the diameter, lesser the push/pull required. If possible,  the next higher diameter available caster wheel should be chosen which not only automatically increases the load capacity but also avoids heavy pressure on the caster wheels, thus giving them a long life.

  1. Ergonomics & Fork Design

The swivel construction of a caster wheel also determines its life. The standard caster wheels comes with two ball raceways locked by a top rivet. However a kingpinless forged caster does not used a kingpin or top rivet and thus offers at least 5 times the life of a similar caster. Further more, a caster like Hercules caster from Comfort Casters which comes with a one year warranty, is not only forged but also has a thrust bearing and tapered roller bearing in its swivel construction. It’s the toughest caster we make and can easily run for 7-8 years with just the wheel replacement.

  1. Surface and Environment Conditions

If the surrounding environment is very high temperature, very low temperatures, humid or there is chemical on the surface, it obviously affects the caster wheel life. The solution is to chose the right caster wheel for your environmental application. Please mention your specific environmental condition before discussing your requirement with a customer executive of Comfort Casters.

The above factors if kept in mind during the purchase process will go a long way in choosing the right caster wheel which runs for a longer time and thus reduces substantial effort and money.

If you would like to know more about the right caster wheel or would like to examine some free caster wheel samples, please write to us at or browse our product page to chose the right caster wheel for your need.