How much Weight can my Casters Support?

This is a very common and a very confusing question that how much load can my caster wheels carry.  Everybody in the industry are using their own assumptions in calculating the total Load capacity of a caster wheel.  Due to this mis information the caster wheels are ultimately overloaded which results in Caster wheel  failure and loss of time and effort to companies in United States.

Comfort casters has analyzed this problem in the market and has come out with a definite solution. We have categorized our product range in buckets of different load capacities.

The following image clearly categorizes the casters according to their load capacities.  Since most of the industries overlord caster wheels we have assumed at least 25% more capacity for each category.

The customer only needs to correctly calculate his Load requirement and then choose the right product from this chart.  Since this chart is already adjusted for overloading the customer does not need to worry about any kind of overloading.

Let us also help you calculate your total load by taking an example. Say the total load requirement is 1000 kg. Thus, according to the chart you can either chose Fabricated heavy duty caster or the forgemaster caster. If you think load can exceed 1000 kg in some cases, we suggest you go for the forgemaster caster and if 1000 kg is the maximum load, then fabricated heavy duty casters is the right choice.

This chart can also be used on shop floors to educate the workers about the correct load capacity of the caster which they are using in their equipment.  This shall further prevent any kind of accidents on the shop floor and will save the owner a lot of time and effort.

Thus,  we see here that a simple tool if used properly can result in savings a lot of money annualy.  Above all it also results in  Longer life of the equipment being loaded and the expensive flooring on which the caster wheels are running.

If the customers want to go  Further detail and want to chose the products according to their type of flooring and the environmental conditions, they can go to the product configurator on our website, put in his details and select the right type of Castor wheel.

We hope the about information will help the factory manager to make his life easier.

If you would like to know more about them or would like to examine some castor wheel samples, please write to us at or browse our product page to chose the right castor wheel for your need.