Case Study: How We Designed a Customized Caster Scaffolding Wheels for a Client

Comfort casters manufactures a wide variety of scaffolding casters. One of our customers in the Gulf region wanted us to make a customized scaffolding caster for his requirement. Our engineering team took it as a challenge and immediately gathered resources to design a caster according to the needs of the customer.

The customer was using a caster wheel designed in China and he wanted to change the supplier since the Chinese manufacturer was supplying him the standard product. The customer had been paying for a product which he did not want and thus wanted us to design a specific caster for him to reduce his cost. The total impact in reduced cost for him was upwards of $500,000 annualy.

Our team understood his requirements in detail and came out with 4 specific changes in the casters wheel design:

  • The customer was using double ball bearing wheel with the PP core. Our team suggested him to use a nylon 6 core without the ball bearing and with the plane bearing. This action itself reduced the final price of the caster by more than 10%. The second thing that was implemented was in the design of the bracket. The bracket width was shortened by 25% offering the same load capacity. This was achieved by integrating an embossed design in the bracket.
  • The third step that was taken was the brake design. We shortened the brake lever without any change in its performance or function. We even designed the brake in such a way that a single liver could lock both the wheel and the swivel action, thus resulting in reduction of four child parts.
  • The fourth and the last change was done in the surface finish of the Scaffolding caster. Since the customer was using Chrome plating finish which was not at all required for his application, we suggested him instead to use the standard galvanized surface finish which offers the same durability. Thus, these four incremental changes enabled our team to offer the customer an excellent product without any

compromise in quality and reduction in price by 30%. The result was, a business relationship for life and a happy customer !!

If you would like to know more about caster wheel customisations or would like to examine some castor wheel samples, please write to us at or browse our product page to chose the right caster wheel for your need.