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How to Order Customized Casters with Comfort Casters?

Product range of comfort casters comprise of more than 1000 products which adhere to international standards. This means that all plate sizes, load capacity, threadpin or stem dimensions, wheel dimensions, material specifications etc are in line with ISO or BS EN standards. We test every new product on these standards before launching them in the international market.

However, the world of caster wheels is very large and different types of customer needs different fitments according to their needs. A standard caster does not fit their requirement sometimes due to dimensions, other due to material specification or size.

For example, all our scaffolding manufacturing clients require different stem diameter, thus we make custom stem for each customer. Similarly, most automotive companies require top plate dimensions matching their trolley holes so that wheels can be replaced. In some special cases, even the brake design has to be changed so that it is easy to apply. This happened with one of our customers who manufactures waste bins and required a dead stop brake so that brake lever always stays outside the equipment even when the caster wheel rotates.

Comfort Casters has learnt from all these experiences that if you need a customer for the long term, you need to match their requirements and thus modify the caster wheel according to their needs. Thus, over time we have developed a state of the art in house tool room which can do any kind of customization in record time.

If you also require any such customization there are 4 easy ways to do it:

  1. Product Drawings

The best way to share your requirement is to send us a drawings or 3d file of your design or final product fitment. Our engineers will study it thoroughly & offer you the exact fitment along with showing you a product fitment simulation for your reference.

  1. Physical Part

The second best way is to share the physical part into which the caster wheel will be fitted. We will ourselves make a drawing of your part and design the caster fitment accordingly. The final sample will be fitted and checked in your sample before sending you for approval.

  1. Share existing sample

Another way to share your requirement is to send us your existing caster wheel which you have been using. It may be from some other manufacturer and thus we can suggest you the best possible product matching or better than your existing product. The final product will perfectly match your fitment.

  1. Share a video

If it is not possible for you to take the above actions, another easy way for you is to share a video of your exact requirements. This video can be helpful for our team to understand your requirement better. However,

Castor Wheels

4 Conditions to consider before you choose a Caster Wheel Supplier

The decision to choose a reliable & trustworthy caster wheel supplier is very important if a company wants uninterrupted supply and wants to protect itself from the current geo political changes arising out of corona virus crisis.

This is especially true during the current corona virus crisis as most of the global companies depended on chinese suppliers to source their products. In the United States, even after the government had been planning to impose 25% additional custom duty on chinese products, many companies ignored the warning and did not look for an alternate vendor in the developing nations.

This inertia to find a new supplier was mainly due to their lack of long term vision and fear of changing the status quo. This is hurting them badly now as supplies from China are badly affected and there is an anti-china sentiment everywhere in the United States. The US government is considering serious actions which will hamper any kind of imports from China.

Companies which has already started the process of looking for another vendor are reaping the benefits now and already find new suppliers in developing nations like India, Vietnam, Philippines & Turkey to name a few. Comfort casters is one such supplier in India which offers a higher quality product to those USA importers at a competitive price. Thus companies in the United States can benefit without burning a hole in their pocket.

We have four suggestions for those companies, which are still looking for a new caster wheel supplier in the United States:

  1. Trusted by Global Brands

When you go out looking for a new supplier, check out their existing customer list. See if they have worked with big names in your industry so that they understand your requirement. See if they have worked with global giants in automotive, aviation, and construction sector. If you cannot find their client list online, ask the company directly for reference and ask their clients about the supplier’s product quality and supply. This way, you will at least ensure that the supplier can be trusted for quality, systems and timely supply.

  1. International Standards

Is the supplier following international norms? Do their products adhere to ISO and BS EN standard. Do their product dimensions match ISO 22883 caster wheel standards. Check out their quality certificates and ask them for their ISO 9001:2015 system certificate.

  1. Strong Tool Room

A good supplier must necessarily have a strong tool room comprising of state of the art machinery like CNC machines, lathe machines, milling machines, automated presses etc. This enables them to customize their product to match your requirement. This is very important because without a strong tool room, a supplier will never be able to change its products according to your changing demands. Innovations is not possible without a strong tool room team.

  1. High performing team

This part is most difficult to measure but it can be checked by the experience of their senior team. How long have the the owners been in business ? How long is their oldest employee stayed with them? If an employee is working in the organization for more than 20 years, it means the company is taking good care of the employee and he is also performed well over the years. Some companies also share their employee data on their website, look out for such information. You can also ask their peer companies about the ethics and values of the company which go a long way in nurturing a relationship.

Thus, you can very well understand that choosing a quality caster wheel supplier is not so difficult and it is time to safeguard your supply chain by choosing a supplier who is flexible enough to change according to your needs.

If you are looking for a new caster wheel vendor, get in touch with today and we will make you aware of the many benefits, which come with associating with a supplier like Comfort Casters.

Castor Wheels

Case Study-How Comfort Casters helped Suzuki Motors reduce their cost and effort by 25%

Comfort casters provides efficient load carrying solutions to a large number of global automotive companies. One of them is Suzuki Motors in Gujarat, India who were consistently bothered by low performing and floor damaging caster wheels.

The people on the shop floor consistently complained of facing big difficulty in push/pull of trolley and thereby causing muscle injuries. In one incident, the trolley overturned & fell on the feet of a worker resulting in fracture and hospitalization of worker for 3 days. He could not join the company for 2 months.

The problems Suzuki Motors faced was two fold:

  1. Floor Damage due to Metal Chips

The shop floor at Suzuki Motors is epoxy coated and in the machining department, there are metal chips disbursed on the epoxy flooring. These metal chips are picked up by the caster wheels and thereby badly damaging the epoxy flooring when rolled over them. Epoxy flooring repair was a constant headache among the maintenance team. This resulted in an increase in monthly budget of maintenance out of which only floor damage will take about 30%. This had become a big issue in the company and a solution was required immediately.

We were then called by Suzuki Motors to understand the problem and provide immediate relief. Our team understood the problem and came up with an excellent solution in the form of Ergonomic Forgemaster CI PU castor. This caster proved to be an elixir for their team & operations. The caster offered four straight benefits:

  • Reduction in Push/Pull effort
  • Reduction in annual caster wheel cost by 25%
  • Reduction in maintenance budget by 90%
  • Complete noiseless movement

The wheel when installed provided immediate relief to the team and resulted in smooth shopfloor operations. The money which was being spent on maintenance was three times the cost of the caster wheel, thereby making them virtually free for the organization.

  1. Shopfloor Accidents due to Wrong caster wheels

Excessive push of trolleys by shop floor workers and wrong type of casters resulted in overturning of trolleys which causes unnecessary accidents and sometimes damage of nearby equipment. Not to mention, time wasted to manage that material and material damage.

The forgemaster caster we suggested comes with kingpinless swivel construction which enables smooth swiveling action and the high grade PU wheels. These PU wheels dispel metal chips and does not attract them. Thus the smooth swivel action coupled with these PU wheels enable noiseless movement and does not damage the floor. This arrangement resulted in not only reducing the number of manpower required to push trolleys but also reduced cost in terms of maintenance.

The team at Suzuki Motors found the long term solution at last and were completely satisfied by the caster wheel suggested by our engineering team. A happy customer is what we work for and this gives us motivation to innovate further. We go to greater heights to make changes in our casters to solve problems of our customers.

If you are also facing any problem on the shop floor due to caster wheels, contact Comfort Casters today and we assure you of best solution to your load carrying problems in your industrial unit. Contact us today or email us at sales@comfortcastors and our team shall get in touch with you soon.

Castor Wheels

How to Figure out the Lifetime of your Caster Wheel

Caster Wheels are used in mostly all the industries in USA in various applications but few people are aware of the life of the caster wheels they are using. Shopfloor managers seldom bother to look into this aspect before making a purchase for caster wheels.

Life time of a caster is important as it impacts the overall budget of an organization, just to share an example, the annual caster wheel budget when calculated for a leading automotive company in Detroit was found to be about USD 700,000 !!

Thus, caster wheel expense should not be ignored and to reduce this expense, its important the right caster is chosen with a long life. A right caster will not only save an organization millions in the future to come but also increase the efficiency of its workers and prevent accidents which indirectly also results in saving money.

There are certain factors, which should be considered before buying the casters, which impact the lifetime of a caster wheel:

  1. Load Capacity

Load capacity is one of the most important factor which determines the life of a caster. As comfort casters always advocated to its customers, choose a caster with at least 25% more (preferably 33%) load capacity than your requirement and you will never have to worry about caster wheel failure. Overloading and caster wheel abuse damages the caster and need replacements every 3-4 months. A slightly heavy duty caster for your application not only gives you durability but also runs smoothly reducing push pull effort and increasing worker efficiency.

  1. Wheel Diameter

The diameter of a wheel is inversely proportion to the push/pull effort required to maneuver a trolley. Bigger the diameter, lesser the push/pull required. If possible,  the next higher diameter available caster wheel should be chosen which not only automatically increases the load capacity but also avoids heavy pressure on the caster wheels, thus giving them a long life.

  1. Ergonomics & Fork Design

The swivel construction of a caster wheel also determines its life. The standard caster wheels comes with two ball raceways locked by a top rivet. However a kingpinless forged caster does not used a kingpin or top rivet and thus offers at least 5 times the life of a similar caster. Further more, a caster like Hercules caster from Comfort Casters which comes with a one year warranty, is not only forged but also has a thrust bearing and tapered roller bearing in its swivel construction. It’s the toughest caster we make and can easily run for 7-8 years with just the wheel replacement.

  1. Surface and Environment Conditions

If the surrounding environment is very high temperature, very low temperatures, humid or there is chemical on the surface, it obviously affects the caster wheel life. The solution is to chose the right caster wheel for your environmental application. Please mention your specific environmental condition before discussing your requirement with a customer executive of Comfort Casters.

The above factors if kept in mind during the purchase process will go a long way in choosing the right caster wheel which runs for a longer time and thus reduces substantial effort and money.

If you would like to know more about the right caster wheel or would like to examine some free caster wheel samples, please write to us at or browse our product page to chose the right caster wheel for your need.

Castor Wheels

Most Popular Products from Comfort Casters

Comfort Casters Global is a leading caster wheels manufacturer in usa with more than 1000 varieties of caster wheels but any we are coming out with new & innovative products every month. But there are few legacy casters which our customers never want us to change as they have survived tough conditions day in day out and our customers are super happy in using them.

So today we bring out to you our top 5 products, some of which have been in production for more than 15 years. We are proud of all our products but these 5 products deserve a special mention as customers have repeatedly rated them as best in class. Over the years, we have not changed much in these products except from improving on their aesthetics. I am sure you will also find these products ideal for your application once you read more about them. So, here is the list of our 5 best caster wheels:

    1. 50 mm Chair Caster:

The humble chair caster used in office and home chairs is our first product which has been in production since more than 2 decades and changed little in form.  Comfort Casters has achieved BIFMA certification for this caster, as it is an essential requirement to work with global chair manufacturers. Chair casters are manufactured in both PP and Nylon-6 offering varying durability. Our chair caster has passed all type of tests like run test, impact test, drop test etc with flying colors. This caster also comes with a brake option and comes with other variants as well like top plate, threadpin and u-plate.

    1. 50 x 25 PU Caster:

This is a popular light duty caster used in many applications like furniture, kitchen, hospitals, small trolleys etc. It can support a load of upto 150 kg and comes with plain bearing. Chrome surface finish further enhances the aesthetics of the caster. It is priced very competitive and thus becomes a value for price product for customers. In some markets, this product of ours has become synonymous with the range “light duty casters” and we are ofcourse proud of this fact.

    1. 150 x 50 Fabricated PU Caster:

This is a standard heavy duty PU castor which runs is suited best for factory operations. It is easy to use & install and priced very competitively. This is standard American caster serving the industry since decades.

    1. 200 x 50 Scaffolding Caster

Our Ball Stem Scaffolding caster is one of the best performing caster for this industry and comes with various stem sizes. This can support upto a load of 800 kg for premium range and 600 kg for economy range. Comfort caster also holds the BS EN 1004 standard certificate for this product. We produce even bigger number everyday for this niche caster.

    1. 200 x 50 Forgemaster Caster:

The forgemaster caster, as the name says, comes with a forged top plate and ring with  a double row of steel balls together to make a kingpinless caster. This is the most durable caster and comes with a one year warranty. The forgemaster caster coupled with ergonomic wheel makes it a perfect fit for automotive industry where reduction in push/pull effort is a major goal.

The above 5 products have been the backbone of our caster wheel manufacturing range and loved the most by our customers. If you want to more about the above casters or want to examine free samples, please write to us at and someone from our team will get in touch with you.

Castor Wheels

How much Weight can my Casters Support?

This is a very common and a very confusing question that how much load can my caster wheels carry.  Everybody in the industry are using their own assumptions in calculating the total Load capacity of a caster wheel.  Due to this mis information the caster wheels are ultimately overloaded which results in Caster wheel  failure and loss of time and effort to companies in United States.

Comfort casters has analyzed this problem in the market and has come out with a definite solution. We have categorized our product range in buckets of different load capacities.

The following image clearly categorizes the casters according to their load capacities.  Since most of the industries overlord caster wheels we have assumed at least 25% more capacity for each category.

The customer only needs to correctly calculate his Load requirement and then choose the right product from this chart.  Since this chart is already adjusted for overloading the customer does not need to worry about any kind of overloading.

Let us also help you calculate your total load by taking an example. Say the total load requirement is 1000 kg. Thus, according to the chart you can either chose Fabricated heavy duty caster or the forgemaster caster. If you think load can exceed 1000 kg in some cases, we suggest you go for the forgemaster caster and if 1000 kg is the maximum load, then fabricated heavy duty casters is the right choice.

This chart can also be used on shop floors to educate the workers about the correct load capacity of the caster which they are using in their equipment.  This shall further prevent any kind of accidents on the shop floor and will save the owner a lot of time and effort.

Thus,  we see here that a simple tool if used properly can result in savings a lot of money annualy.  Above all it also results in  Longer life of the equipment being loaded and the expensive flooring on which the caster wheels are running.

If the customers want to go  Further detail and want to chose the products according to their type of flooring and the environmental conditions, they can go to the product configurator on our website, put in his details and select the right type of Castor wheel.

We hope the about information will help the factory manager to make his life easier.

If you would like to know more about them or would like to examine some castor wheel samples, please write to us at or browse our product page to chose the right castor wheel for your need.

Castor Wheels

4 Most Common ways Casters are Damaged in the Workplace

Caster wheel damage is a common issue on the shop floor, which results in loss of efficiency, damage of flooring and frustration for the workers working in the small & medium businesses in USA. Though caster wheel is a small part of the loading equipment but it plays a very important role in the overall mobile operations of the unit. Thus, it needs to be analyzed as to why caster wheel abuse is such a common phenomenon in routine working. Comfort Casters has identified 4 common ways caster wheel are usually damaged and the ways to prevent them so that business units in the USA can perform their functions smoothly:

  • Use of Incorrect Caster Wheel

    People are unaware of the type of caster to be used in their equipment as they do not correctly assess the actual load requirements. Firstly, it is suggested to use a caster wheel with at least 25% more capacity than required and secondly the right diameter of caster should be used. Comfort Casters suggests exploring various caster manuals in details before making a purchase. Our catalog has also clearly mentioned load capacities of each caster wheel.

  • Overloading of Caster Wheels

    Overloading of casters is the most common reason for failure of caster wheels in various industries in the USA. The worker who is finally handling the loading equipment on the shopfloor is not being educated properly about the casters which results in overloading and further damage. Sometimes, to save cost, a low capacity caster wheel is used where a heavy caster was required instead. This should be completely avoided as this results in further loss of money.

  • Metal Chips on the Floor

    Many Industries in USA have expensive epoxy flooring on their shopfloor but at the same time have lots of metal chips scattered on the floor. The caster wheels pick these metal chips and damages not only the PU coating but also the expensive epoxy flooring. The only solution is getting the expensive flooring done again. Ergonomic cast iron PU castors offered by Comfort Casters is the right solution for this problem as it not only dispels the metal chips but also reduces push/pull effort by 30%.

  • Abuse of Loading Equipment

    It is observed in many industries that the shop floor workers heavily abuse the trolley or the loading equipment. These trolleys are thrown from a height in some cases or pushed against the wall repeatedly. It obviously results in heavily damaging the caster wheels along with the trolley itself.

The above article states the common issues in caster wheel damage and the ways to prevent it. If you would like to know more about them or would like to examine some free caster wheel samples, please write to us at or browse our product page to chose the right castor wheels in usa for your need.