Case Study-How Comfort Casters helped Suzuki Motors reduce their cost and effort by 25%

Comfort casters provides efficient load carrying solutions to a large number of global automotive companies. One of them is Suzuki Motors in Gujarat, India who were consistently bothered by low performing and floor damaging caster wheels.

The people on the shop floor consistently complained of facing big difficulty in push/pull of trolley and thereby causing muscle injuries. In one incident, the trolley overturned & fell on the feet of a worker resulting in fracture and hospitalization of worker for 3 days. He could not join the company for 2 months.

The problems Suzuki Motors faced was two fold:

  1. Floor Damage due to Metal Chips

The shop floor at Suzuki Motors is epoxy coated and in the machining department, there are metal chips disbursed on the epoxy flooring. These metal chips are picked up by the caster wheels and thereby badly damaging the epoxy flooring when rolled over them. Epoxy flooring repair was a constant headache among the maintenance team. This resulted in an increase in monthly budget of maintenance out of which only floor damage will take about 30%. This had become a big issue in the company and a solution was required immediately.

We were then called by Suzuki Motors to understand the problem and provide immediate relief. Our team understood the problem and came up with an excellent solution in the form of Ergonomic Forgemaster CI PU castor. This caster proved to be an elixir for their team & operations. The caster offered four straight benefits:

  • Reduction in Push/Pull effort
  • Reduction in annual caster wheel cost by 25%
  • Reduction in maintenance budget by 90%
  • Complete noiseless movement

The wheel when installed provided immediate relief to the team and resulted in smooth shopfloor operations. The money which was being spent on maintenance was three times the cost of the caster wheel, thereby making them virtually free for the organization.

  1. Shopfloor Accidents due to Wrong caster wheels

Excessive push of trolleys by shop floor workers and wrong type of casters resulted in overturning of trolleys which causes unnecessary accidents and sometimes damage of nearby equipment. Not to mention, time wasted to manage that material and material damage.

The forgemaster caster we suggested comes with kingpinless swivel construction which enables smooth swiveling action and the high grade PU wheels. These PU wheels dispel metal chips and does not attract them. Thus the smooth swivel action coupled with these PU wheels enable noiseless movement and does not damage the floor. This arrangement resulted in not only reducing the number of manpower required to push trolleys but also reduced cost in terms of maintenance.

The team at Suzuki Motors found the long term solution at last and were completely satisfied by the caster wheel suggested by our engineering team. A happy customer is what we work for and this gives us motivation to innovate further. We go to greater heights to make changes in our casters to solve problems of our customers.

If you are also facing any problem on the shop floor due to caster wheels, contact Comfort Casters today and we assure you of best solution to your load carrying problems in your industrial unit. Contact us today or email us at sales@comfortcastors and our team shall get in touch with you soon.