4 Most Common ways Casters are Damaged in the Workplace

Caster wheel damage is a common issue on the shop floor, which results in loss of efficiency, damage of flooring and frustration for the workers working in the small & medium businesses in USA. Though caster wheel is a small part of the loading equipment but it plays a very important role in the overall mobile operations of the unit. Thus, it needs to be analyzed as to why caster wheel abuse is such a common phenomenon in routine working. Comfort Casters has identified 4 common ways caster wheel are usually damaged and the ways to prevent them so that business units in the USA can perform their functions smoothly:

  • Use of Incorrect Caster Wheel

    People are unaware of the type of caster to be used in their equipment as they do not correctly assess the actual load requirements. Firstly, it is suggested to use a caster wheel with at least 25% more capacity than required and secondly the right diameter of caster should be used. Comfort Casters suggests exploring various caster manuals in details before making a purchase. Our catalog has also clearly mentioned load capacities of each caster wheel.

  • Overloading of Caster Wheels

    Overloading of casters is the most common reason for failure of caster wheels in various industries in the USA. The worker who is finally handling the loading equipment on the shopfloor is not being educated properly about the casters which results in overloading and further damage. Sometimes, to save cost, a low capacity caster wheel is used where a heavy caster was required instead. This should be completely avoided as this results in further loss of money.

  • Metal Chips on the Floor

    Many Industries in USA have expensive epoxy flooring on their shopfloor but at the same time have lots of metal chips scattered on the floor. The caster wheels pick these metal chips and damages not only the PU coating but also the expensive epoxy flooring. The only solution is getting the expensive flooring done again. Ergonomic cast iron PU castors offered by Comfort Casters is the right solution for this problem as it not only dispels the metal chips but also reduces push/pull effort by 30%.

  • Abuse of Loading Equipment

    It is observed in many industries that the shop floor workers heavily abuse the trolley or the loading equipment. These trolleys are thrown from a height in some cases or pushed against the wall repeatedly. It obviously results in heavily damaging the caster wheels along with the trolley itself.

The above article states the common issues in caster wheel damage and the ways to prevent it. If you would like to know more about them or would like to examine some free caster wheel samples, please write to us at sales@comfortcastors.com or browse our product page to chose the right castor wheels in usa for your need.