4 Conditions to consider before you choose a Caster Wheel Supplier

The decision to choose a reliable & trustworthy caster wheel supplier is very important if a company wants uninterrupted supply and wants to protect itself from the current geo political changes arising out of corona virus crisis.

This is especially true during the current corona virus crisis as most of the global companies depended on chinese suppliers to source their products. In the United States, even after the government had been planning to impose 25% additional custom duty on chinese products, many companies ignored the warning and did not look for an alternate vendor in the developing nations.

This inertia to find a new supplier was mainly due to their lack of long term vision and fear of changing the status quo. This is hurting them badly now as supplies from China are badly affected and there is an anti-china sentiment everywhere in the United States. The US government is considering serious actions which will hamper any kind of imports from China.

Companies which has already started the process of looking for another vendor are reaping the benefits now and already find new suppliers in developing nations like India, Vietnam, Philippines & Turkey to name a few. Comfort casters is one such supplier in India which offers a higher quality product to those USA importers at a competitive price. Thus companies in the United States can benefit without burning a hole in their pocket.

We have four suggestions for those companies, which are still looking for a new caster wheel supplier in the United States:

  1. Trusted by Global Brands

When you go out looking for a new supplier, check out their existing customer list. See if they have worked with big names in your industry so that they understand your requirement. See if they have worked with global giants in automotive, aviation, and construction sector. If you cannot find their client list online, ask the company directly for reference and ask their clients about the supplier’s product quality and supply. This way, you will at least ensure that the supplier can be trusted for quality, systems and timely supply.

  1. International Standards

Is the supplier following international norms? Do their products adhere to ISO and BS EN standard. Do their product dimensions match ISO 22883 caster wheel standards. Check out their quality certificates and ask them for their ISO 9001:2015 system certificate.

  1. Strong Tool Room

A good supplier must necessarily have a strong tool room comprising of state of the art machinery like CNC machines, lathe machines, milling machines, automated presses etc. This enables them to customize their product to match your requirement. This is very important because without a strong tool room, a supplier will never be able to change its products according to your changing demands. Innovations is not possible without a strong tool room team.

  1. High performing team

This part is most difficult to measure but it can be checked by the experience of their senior team. How long have the the owners been in business ? How long is their oldest employee stayed with them? If an employee is working in the organization for more than 20 years, it means the company is taking good care of the employee and he is also performed well over the years. Some companies also share their employee data on their website, look out for such information. You can also ask their peer companies about the ethics and values of the company which go a long way in nurturing a relationship.

Thus, you can very well understand that choosing a quality caster wheel supplier is not so difficult and it is time to safeguard your supply chain by choosing a supplier who is flexible enough to change according to your needs.

If you are looking for a new caster wheel vendor, get in touch with today and we will make you aware of the many benefits, which come with associating with a supplier like Comfort Casters.